SOPAT - Measure particles within your running process!

SOPAT is specialized in the analysis of particulate systems. Our team develops and markets an innovative particle measurement technology for real-time analysis of multi-phase systems. Particles, such as droplets, grains, cells or bubbles, are measured with high precision in running processes. The developed technology consists of a photo-optical sensor probe with integrated intelligent image analysis.

Our measurement technique makes it possible to optimize chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological processes on the basis of measured particles and their properties, such as drop size distribution.


The Challenge:

Resources are getting scarcer, energy gets more precious. Industry needs to design more efficient production processes. Therefore, we need precise information straight from production facilities.

The Solution:

SOPAT’s smart way to measure particles in multiphase-systems.

Dr. Maaß: “We take the microscope out of the lab and into the production facilities. In that way, we provide direct and real-time information to our customers.”

The borescope consists of optical, electronic and camera technological components. It is designed to work with extreme temperatures, high pressure and acidity. The borescope is placed directly in the process, obtained information are analyzed immediately.

Dr. Maaß: “Our software analyzes the gathered pictures in real time and provides us with a huge amount of data. Thus, we are in the position to control processes efficiently.

The Exceptional Feature:

SOPAT’s optical particle measurement systems yield real time data straight from the process. Process insight is acquired without sample-taking or laboratory analysis.

Dr. Maaß: “In contrast to available technologies which work on ultrasound or laser diffraction, we are able to photograph particles, droplets or whatever our customer is interested in. Consequently, we instantly receive information about the product and its condition.

The Market:

Ranging from the determination of bubble sizes in whipping cream to the distribution of pigments in paint, SOPAT is able to track down and analyze what customers from the process industries need to know.

Dr. Maaß: “We come into play in a broad variety of applications, from detergent to food to classic chemical products.

Process monitoring and optimization with SOPAT.

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  • ProcessNet’s annual meeting for professional groups in extraction

  • 14th-15th March 2016, Weimar, Germany

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