Congratulations to Mathieu de Langlard for a great PhD defense!

Mathieu de Langlard defended successfully his PhD thesis: LA GÉOMÉTRIE ALÉATOIRE POUR LA CARACTÉRISATION DE POPULATIONS DENSES DE PARTICULES: APPLICATION AUX ÉCOULEMENTS DIPHASIQUES on January, 10th 2019! He did some excellent research in the field of liquid-liquid extraction and multiphase applications (simulation and experiments). 

Most of all he achieved cutting edge insights for the improvement of nuclear waste recycling. The key to his success and great results is to work with much emphasis on the little details, even the finest droplets in the emulsion. Many years of experience lead to a fruitful cooperation with SOPAT from which he benefits due to the magnificent support of SOPAT’s technology and image analysis.

His studies were all spear headed by his doctoral supervisor Dr. Sophie Charton. We also congratulate her to her an excellent leadership and great support.

  • Find out more about his important results in the publications below:Amokrane, A., et al., On droplets size distribution in a pulsed column. Part I: In-situ measurements and corresponding CFD–PBE simulations. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2016. 296 (Supplement C): p. 366-376.
  • de Langlard, M., et al., An efficiency improved recognition algorithm for highly overlapping ellipses: Application to dense bubbly flows. Pattern Recognition Letters, 2018. 101: p. 88-95.
  • Castellano, S., et al., Description of droplet coalescence and breakup in emulsions through a homogeneous population balance model. Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018. 354: p. 1197-1207.