WZ&W Holding B.V. is a new shareholder of SOPAT GmbH

The Rotterdam-based company, providing many years of experience as a significant distributor worldwide, know-how in the marketing of highly specialized technical prod-ucts and an investment of over one million Euro in SOPAT GmbH, enables the expansion and consolidation of the distribution of SOPAT technology in important key markets.

With this strategic reorientation, SOPAT GmbH can continue its growth and, with an expanded network of distributors, pursue new paths in internationalization. The investment will also make it possible to expand the product range of high-resolution photo-optical particle measurement systems and to add important certificates in explosion protec-tion as well as expending into the pharmaceutical sector.

According to the management of WZ&W Holding B.V., a further high six-digit amount will be invested in global distribution of SOPAT technology. “The management of SOPAT GmbH will be able to continue the stable growth of the company with the investment and has a new, strong partner at its side. At the same time, we do see significant potential especially in the Asian market for even larger growth. The company and the market have proven that the products of SOPAT customers offer clear added value and our Asian customers are looking for new technology solutions for better, cleaner, safer and more efficient production processes. SOPAT GmbH is offering such solutions!” said Alexander Vranken, Business Development Manager at WZ&W Holding B.V..

“We are very pleased with the positive developments of the last months. And we are looking forward to the coming years with great determination and anticipation. By joining with our new partner, we are forging our strengths even further and maintain our ambitious growth of currently more than 40% per year,” said Dr. Sebastian Maaß, SOPAT’s CEO. Jörn Emmerich, SOPAT’s CFO, added: “By con-solidating this fruitful partnership with a profound access to the Asian market, we will above all offer our globally active customers a great deal of added value.”

The former shareholders of SOPAT GmbH, Dr. Max Iann Invest GmbH et cetera, sold their shares to WZ&W Holding B.V. as part of the transaction. SOPAT GmbH would like to express its thanks for the valuable cooperation over the past few years. “Having valuable partners with expertise by our side during first years is one of the essential keys of success. We are grateful for the close cooperation with the management of Dr. Max Iann Invest GmbH and everyone involved.” summarized Dr. Sebastian Maaß, CEO and co-founder of SOPAT GmbH.

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