SOPAT Loves Chocolate! Product Release of the ChocoScope

SOPAT loves chocolate. The particle analysis of highly viscous and concentrated dispersions is a great challenge for any measuring technique.

Chocolate and cocoa mass consist of fine cocoa particles dispersed in cocoa butter. The determination of particle size and shape in such opaque dispersions without sampling in the undiluted state is only possible with powerful photo-optical methods.

In order to be able to characterize cocoa mass, chocolate and related foods during their production with regard to their particulate composition, SOPAT has now developed and optimized a system especially for use in foods containing cocoa: The SOPAT ChocoScope combines photo-optical detection and state-of-the-art image analysis for real-time measurement of cocoa particle size and shape. Different components in chocolate or foreign particles in cocoa mass can thus be distinguished by size, shape and colour (grey value).

The ChocoScope from SOPAT is primarily aimed at manufacturers of cocoa mass, cocoa butter, chocolate, nougat, fillings, glazes, cocoa powder and many other products.

SOPAT would like to contribute to optimising the production processes in the confectionery industry, saving energy and material costs, conserving natural resources and ultimately contributing to the protection of the environment.

On the different pages of this website you will find detailed information on how the ChocoScope can be used in your chocolate production to ensure a high quality of your chocolate products by efficient particle analysis.

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