Sopat & Knick Ceramat WA155

In some processes, fouling may occur. This may cause layers of particles on our inline probes, and hence obstruct the view into the process. Since our technology is based on photo-optic imaging with subsequent image analysis, a clear view gives best results in particle size analysis.

To ensure uninterrupted measurements in production environment, an automated cleaning solution was needed. This is when SOPAT and Knick partnered to adapt the existing Ceramat retractable fitting solutions to a new product which is perfectly adapted to our probes: the Ceramat WA 155.

The idea of joining forces arose in the context of one of our customers. They were looking to use a Sopat probe for their application. The developers at Knick modified the bearing of the Ceramat, and within just a few months, the revised fitting was able to prove its worth on the customer’s project.

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The result, which can be seen in this video, is an automated cleaning process for the probes without the need of human interaction, and most importantly, without having to interrupt the process.


The Ceramat WA 155 can be used with all four 12mm probe types: VI-Ma, VI-Pl, VI-Sc and VI-Pa. The system is equipped to handle process temperatures up to 130°C, pressures of 10 bar and is compatible with very corrosive media. The SOPAT ATEX-rated VI-ex probes can also be used with the Ceramat WA 155.