Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The advisory board is instrumental to the structure and function of SOPAT GmbH. It serves as an intensive collaboration partner for the company management team by discussing the strategic direction of SOPAT. Within this framework, specific questions about corporate practice as well as long-term development topics in the field of technology such as application and M & A are discussed to position SOPAT as a strong partner for industry, research and science in the future.

At the same time, the intensive dialogue with the members of the advisory board enables SOPAT to stay attentive, reflect on new developments in terms of the corporate strategy, explore different perspectives and make the best decisions.

Due to the many years of professional expertise of each member on the advisory board, the way is paved for SOPAT to take on challenging projects and boldly explore new paths.

SOPAT Advisory Board members:

Prof. Dr. Bernd Sachweh

Vice-President Fine Particle Technology & Particle Characterization | BASF SE

Prof. Dr. Bernd Sachweh is the vice president for the department “Fine Particle Technology & Particle Characterization” at BASF SE in Ludwigshafen, Germany, since 2009. He is also the chairman of the VDI-GVC department “procedural processes” and the ProcessNet professional group “particle measurement technology”. ProcessNet is a cooperation made up of the societies DECHEMA and VDI-GVC that combines their work in the fields of process engineering, chemical engineering and technical chemistry. Thanks to his long-standing professional experience and his inexhaustible researcher spirit – fortified by doctorate, habilitation and professorship in the field of particle technology – he is an indispensable member of the SOPAT advisory board.

Dr. Ansor Gäbler

Head R&D Components ST | Sulzer Chemtech Ltd.

After receiving a PhD in the field of “process engineering” on the topic “liquid-liquid dispersions in stirred tanks” at Technical University of Berlin, Dr. Ansor Gäbler launched the development of the field of separation technology at Sulzer Chemtech Ltd in Winterthur, Switzerland. He took over the management of the R&D Department “Packing, Separator and Mixing Technology” in July, 2012. Through active cross-linking in the company, Dr. Gäbler is specialized in the areas of process technology, separation columns as well as mixing and discharge systems. Currently, he is head of R&D Components ST  at SULZER. Due to his active participation in a start-up after completing his engineering studies, Dr. Gäbler is also able to understand the shift of perspective away from an enterprise. The resulting knowledge combined with his current position in a global player is essential for the future orientation of SOPAT!

Dr. Max Iann

Founder & CEO | Dr. Max Iann Invest GmbH

As managing director, Dr. Max Iann evolved the medium-sized company SebaKMT, founded by his father, into a global market and technology leader with a turnover of 80 million euros and 380 employees. SebaKMT develops and manufactures measuring devices for diagnosis and fault locating in supply networks for the fields of energy, water supply and disposal as well as oil and gas. After the lucrative sale of SebaKMT, he is now the founder and CEO of Dr. Max Iann Invest GmbH, which aims to support start-ups in an advisory and financial way during the often-difficult initial phase. Due to his diverse interests, immense expertise – especially in measurement technology – as well as his wide, international network, Dr. Iann is an important support and a future-oriented advisor for SOPAT.

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