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SOPAT GmbH is the industry specialist for particle and droplet measurement in multiphase systems. With experts in areas ranging from optics, software engineering, material sciences, as well as process and chemical engineering, we offer state-of-the-art technology.

As a forward-thinking company, our team has developed the SOPAT-System (Smart Online Particle Analysis Technology) with one specific goal in mind: to set new standards for the understanding and control of complex particulate systems. That resulted in our photooptical measurement technique, combined with innovative and automated image analysis software.

Petrochemical Industry

In upstream applications of the petrochemical industry it’s vital that the concentrations of various oils be determined precisely in a manner that ensures reliable results and an optimized separation process. SOPAT delivers just that quickly and precisely. Our digital image processing technique can accurately distinguish between oil and other components of the dispersion, thus providing the best results.

The separation and processing of oil-water mixtures often occurs under extreme conditions, including extreme pressures and temperatures. For the technology and service offered by SOPAT, this is accomplished without any problems. Whether your process concerns coalescers, crude oil distillation, distillation columns, separation or other downstream applications, we are determined to help determined an optimized hold-up time, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of your process. By reducing waste by up to 30 percent and increasing production rates by more than a fourth, your process will be utilized to its greatest potential. In addition, information about the purity of your product can be observed and determined at a moment’s notice.

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Pretrochemical Industry brochure

Monitoring of mechanical stress

Shear stress investigations on an oil-water emulsion system result in drop breakup over the experimental time. To count drop sizes in pumping processes, the suitability of inline endoscopy was successfully demonstrated.

Emulsions and Dispersions

SOPAT offers particle analysis as a service. Our service engineers will measure in your process and analyze the data for you.

Extraction, emulsification and dispersion processes represent some of the most elementary techniques in process industry. Increasing efficiency can only be accomplished with the knowledge of the drop sizes during the process. Our in-situ measurement technology enables you to accurately determine this information in real-time. By specifying the desired state of the dispersion, you can precisely optimize your extraction process via the corresponding drop size, thus enabling monitoring and quality assurance of the emulsion during production.

It is also possible to control the performance of various continuous flow devices, such as mixers, columns and stirred-vessels, based directly on the drop size distribution present in the feed pipeline. This information ensures the purity of your product streams, which can be monitored at any moment.

 Liquid-Liquid Separation

SOPAT offers particle analysis as a service. We will travel to the location of your convenience. We will analyze particles within your process

The ability to efficiently separate multiphase systems is often hindered by the presence of surfactants and other substances that alter properties of the interface. Knowledge about particle size and distribution provides the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of a separation process.

SOPAT’s technology can be applied in a variety of equipment types, including decanters, centrifuges, coalescers and many other separators. By integrating our probe into the flow of your separator, you can control the quality and output based on the particle size distribution. This helps to significantly reduce and optimize the delay time of your process, thus increasing the overall separation efficiency. These cost-saving measures are personally based on the most optimal application of your system. With this information, it is also possible to monitor the purity of your product stream at any moment, keeping you informed precisely about your operations and business.


SOPAT offers the first market-ready technology to deliver real-time analysis of polymerization processes. Information about various parameters pertaining to these processes, including the variability of particle sizes and their distribution, is clearly presented, bringing process monitoring to a higher, more refined level. By being better informed about your system, it’s possible to significantly reduce downtime and loss, simultaneously improving product quality further,benefiting both you and your customers.


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