Chemical Industry

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry branch is diverse and not easily distilled to single applications or products. Still, all of the applications and diverse processes or areas of this branch require as a rule a high level of management and control. SOPAT offers a wide portfolio of probes for particle analysis, which fulfill the high requirements, despite significant challenges (pH between 0 and 14, high pressure and vacuums, extreme temperatures). 

Thanks to the variability of the SOPAT technology and software, the system can easily be attached to your production process. The in real time collected data will be  methodicly aquired and visualized.

Product examples from the chemical industry:

Cleaners,monomers and polymers, crystals, PVC granulate, new materials, Toluol, and other hydrocarbons

Benefits of the SOPAT particle measurement technology for your process:

  • Control of the particle size distribution
  • Display of the concentration of pigments after separation
  • Monitoring of microscopic particles
  • Insitu measurements during production

Probe Recommendations: