Inline Measurement in Chocolate - Easy as Pie

Product release on May 1, 2020

The analysis of particle size and shape has immense importance in the milling of cocoa and the production of chocolate and related products like chocolate compounds, fillings, cocoa butter and many more.

Cocoa particles should be below 30 µm in size in chocolate products to not be detected by the tongue as individual particles. On the other hand, the total surface area of particles increases with enhanced fineness of the particles and more cocoa butter is needed to disperse these particles. 

The particle size distribution has huge impact on the flow properties of cocoa liquor and liquid chocolate and thus is of main interest from a process engineering point of view.

The SOPAT ChocoScope was optimized to fulfil the requirements on a particle analysis tool in cocoa milling and chocolate production and is therefore highly suited for process control, optimization and quality control at the same time.

Product examples: cocoa mass, cocoa powder, chocolate, nougat, fillings, glazes

Advantages of SOPAT particle measurement technology for the analysis of cocoa containing products:

  • Quantification of particle size and shape
  • Differentiation of particles via their size, shape and colour (grey value)
  • Real-time analysis during the ongoing process
  • No sample extraction nor dilution needed
  • Reduction of energy and material costs via the optimization of milling processes and particle size distribution