Corporate philosophy

Company Philosophy of SOPAT

“The protection of nature and the environment throughout the world, as well as the responsible use of our depleting resources is one of the highest goals of our company. It lies on us to change the living conditions on this planet, for ourselves and future generations.”

At SOPAT GmbH, we want to do our part with our particle measurement technology. Many natural catastrophes with terrible results for man and nature could have been avoided with better safety precautions and more advanced measurement technology. 

At the same time, the optimization of production processes with the help of SOPAT technology, such as reducing waste or raising product quality, helps conserve resources in addition to the ecological value gained. We practice this approach towards resources at all levels, for instance we attempt to reuse cardboard boxes. 

As part of Corporate Responsibility, which we observe consciously and actively, we also strive for a fair approach with our employees and business partners. To this belongs transparency, honesty, and reliability. Other then this, research and development live in the DNA of SOPAT. 

These roots lie in the history as a spin-off of the Technical University of Berlin, and are displayed in our various research projects and initiatives.

SOPAT is ISO 9001 certified