Particle Analysis in Crystallization Processes

Crystallization processes play an important roll in many applications. In the food industry for example, the shape and characteristics of the crystal particles influences not only the taste experience, but also the consistency and viscosity of the particular product. Despite the great challenges in taking pictures and automating detection via the SOPAT software, SOPAT GmbH offers multiple probes and algorithms to analyze solids in fluid or gaseous systems.

Examples of the use of SOPAT particle analysis with crystallization processes

Screening (where fixed mesh sizes exist) only works if certain minimum particle sizes and shapes are achieved.

Often of enormous importance, as different crystal types (alpha crystals vs. beta crystals) often have significantly different properties.

The breaking of crystals leads to very broad distributions and to unwanted new germs, which then produce a second crystallization.

Generation of homogeneous, almost monodisperse distributions: The easiest way to process crystals is when they all have approximately the same size (see sugar in the kitchen, which dissolves evenly when all grains have the same size).

Particles used in products for consuming by humans (pharmaceuticals, food) must meet various regulatory requirements (including size).

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