Emulsion, and dispersion processes

Particle Analysis with Extraction, Emulsion, and Dispersion Processes

Extraction, emulsion, and dispersion processes are elementary procedures of industry.
Knowledge about particle sizes during the process makes it safer and more efficient.
Through the use of our insitu measurement technology, this data can be precisely collected, on site and in real time. Our technology measures drop and bubble size distributions, where before no measurements were possible!

Use this knowledge! Optimize the throughput and yield of your production process through a direct look into your system. Determine the optimal point of dispersion and optimize extraction with the optimal drop size. Monitor the quality of your emulsion during production. With SOPAT particle measurement technology, dispersions and emulsions are optimally regulated.

You can integrate the probes into the entry pipe of the apparatus for static mixers, columns, or stir tanks and monitor the throughput for drop size. At the same time, the purity of the product stream can be continually monitored and thus kept safe.

Aerating processes is expensive. An efficient method is only possible through the optimal bubble size. SOAPT delivers the knowledge of the size distribution in your application every second. Operating costs can therefore be reduced considerably. The speed of a reaction in bubble columns is usually limited by the size of the bubbles. With SOPAT particle measurement technology, you monitor and control the bubble size distribution.

Examples: Sun screen, glue, gels

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