Food industry​

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology in the Food Industry

Process technology plays a deciding role for the security, quality, and especially the success of agricultural and beverage products. For diverse production processes such as grinding, mixing, blending, homogenizing, and quality control, it is important to maintain safety and quality standard. The goal is to minimize waste and optimize production and quality at the same time.

Product examples: Chocolate, Cacao butter, Mayonnaise, Ice cream, Bier

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology for the food industry:

  • Quick recognition and correction of product flaws, in order to reduce waste
  • No sampling/ lab work required
  • Evaluation of the gathered pictures in real time
  • Direct adjustments of production processes possible in real time

Probe Recommendations: 


in situ measurements
from 3 to 350 µm


in situ measurements
from 9 to 1,200 µm


In situ measurements
from 19.5 to 2,600 µm