Founding History of SOPAT GmbH

An overview of the company history: from the first thoughts on automatic particle recognition, to the important developmental and success mile stones, to today.


Sale of the 70th system

IECEx certification of the ATEX system

Sales increase by 40 percent

Main exhibitor at ACHEMA

Development of InView 3

Cooperation with GINEP

10 distributors worldwide


Sale of the 50th system

ATEX Certification for Category II 2G Ex db op pr [op is] IIB T4 Gb, 0°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C


Move to the new offices at Boyenstraße 41, 10115 Berlin

Installation of a multi-probe system

Sale of the 25th SOPAT system


Installation in the food industry and beverage sector

Development of the SOPAT MM system (Microscopic)

Development of the SOPAT InView system (Macroscopic)

Industrial Installation


Certification for DIN EN ISO 9001


Founding of SOPAT GmbH


Six months after the installation, positive feedback from the customer: over 15,000 hours of work time were saved


Founding of SOPATec UG, supported by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi)


Cooperation with BASF


Cooperation with SULZER ChemTech


Software development project on picture analysis, in order to count and measure particles

2004 – 2011

Under the auspices of multiple PhDs, the idea for the SOPAT system occurs to founder Dr. Sebastian Maaß at the Technical University Berlin. Unsatisfied with the then state of the art, Dr. Maaß wanted to develop a particle measurement system that could be used in line in that was trustworthy and time efficient.