Industry sectors

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology: Convincing Benefits for a Variety of Sectors

SOPAT particle analysis is based on a combination of powerful probes, accessories, highly developed software, and a robustCentral box as a crossroads. This allows formaximum flexibility, for implementation in various sectors. Our particle measurement technology captures particles of different sizes and forms,even under extreme conditions, for instance pressure and temperature. Data can be collected in real time without sampling, and thecomprehensive visualizationof the process allows for a quick overview of the situation and you are able tointervenejust in case. With SOPAT Particle measurement technology, your process can be managed and optimized withgreat value.

Examples of the benefits in different branches:

  • Increase production rates by 25% in petrochemicals
  • Permanent observation in water management
  • Minimize waste through quick recognition of production flaws in agriculture
  • Exact control of particle size distribution in chemical production processes
  • And much more!

What follows is information over the implementation in a variety of example sectors where we are already active. The use of SOPAT is not limited to these fields. We are happy to advise you as to the possibilities and value for your sector.