Upper Management

Dr. Sebastian Maaß is a known specialist for measurement technology used for in-line particle sizing and characterization

Dr. Sebastian Maaß – CEO

Strategic Management, Marketing & Sales

Process Engineer (Dr.-Ing.) – Experience in the field of photo-optical particle measurement since 2003, PhD for experimental analysis of multiphase systems. He is an Advisory Board Member of the research group   “Particle measurement technology” by ProcessNet and a member of the working party on Characterisation of Particulate Systems  (ChOPS).

Jörn Emmerich is a specialist for engineering and producing in-line particle analysis hardware


Jörn Emmerich – CTO

Finances, Purchasing & Sales, Hardware Development


Jörn Emmerich studied industrial engineering and management at the Technical University of Berlin, majoring in technical chemistry. 

After his graduation he began his doctoral thesis on multidimensional particle characterization at the Department of Bioprocess Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin focussing on photo-optical sensor technologies. As founder and CTO of SOPAT GmbH, he also specialized in photo-optical measurement methods in the field of process analysis technologies. Smart Online Particle Analysis Technology (SOPAT) has received several research and business awards (ICT-Innovativ; Science4Life; Step Award; ICT Start-up of the Year, German Innovation Award).

 Jörn Emmerich is a member of the ISO standards committee for particle measurement technology, co-founder of the “Fördervereinigung zur Stärkung der Normung und Forschung in der Partikelmesstechnik” and co-founder and deputy chairman of the Bio-PAT network.