Particle measurement technology

SOPAT Particle Measurement Technology - Convincing Value in diverse Applications

SOPAT strives for clean, safe, and cost efficient processes. The reduction of energy and resource usage, the optimization of product quality, or the maintenance of legal requirements are necessary in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or biological sectors. Most have to do with bubbles, droplets, or solid particles as intermediate or final products. Take PVC for example. Everyone wants a monodispersed product, and all particles should be the same size. How do we achieve this? We install a huge sieve tower, ten times the size of the reactor, and despite this, around 30% of the product is wasted. This percentage varies naturally, but it is almost never ZERO. You can however optimize this process.

“For this optimization, knowledge is required: data on the particles, bubbles, droplets, and production process, and you need it in real time, so that you can manage production.
SOPAT offers precise particle measurement technology. It functions in the production process in real time. The system works under the highest pressure and temperature conditions, with high and low concentrations.”

“The versatility of the SOPAT technology, combined with specialized probes and a high performance software to recognize and display reactions, considerably improves the production process. With extractions, emulsions, and dispersions, it is possible to improve the quality of results, monitor the purity of the product stream, and reduce costs through the optimization of the droplet or bubble size. In separation processes, knowledge of droplet sizes allows for the potential for improvement and enables cost efficient, optimal use of equipment. Even for complex liquid-gas reactions, SOPAT particle measurement technology offers important information that allows reaction and growth rates to be exactly predicted, for example.

Inform yourself on the following sites as to the specific applications and the possible benefits. Our advisors can gladly provide a non-binding explanation as to the value of SOPAT particle analysis for your application.”

The multiple application fields of SOPAT particle analysis are illustrated both through sector examples, as well as through specific applications and production processes or reactions.