Particle Measurement in the Petrochemical Sector

For upstream applications in the petrochemical sector, oil and water concentrations must be exactly and reliably determined, to optimize separation processes. The separation and preparation of oil/water mixtures often occurs under difficult conditions like high pressure and temperature. 

SOPAT technology can effortlessly deal with these conditions. Implemented in coalescers, crude oil refineries, distillery columns, separators, or other downstream apparatus, it helps to optimize residence time and increase production efficiency. 

With the minimization of waste of up to 30% and increases in production by more than a quarter, you can increase the output of your equipment optimally. At the same time, the purity of the product can be monitored and kept safe.

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology for your production process:

  • Quick and exact reproduction of important information
  • Precise differentiation between oil and other parts of the dispersion
  • Optimal retention time
  • Increase in production rates by more than a quarter
    On and off shore

Probe recommendations: 


high resolution and


in situ measurements
from 1.5 to 280 µm


in situ measurements
from 3 to 350 µm