Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry​

SOPAT Particle Analysis in Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry

The efficacy, safety, and quality of the product takes center stage when developing and producing medications. Production sites set the strictist regulations and quality requirements, and the necessary quality signs are constantly tested through in-process controls.

Applications and product examples: Microencapsulation, active ingredient crystallization, crystal grinding, extraction, salves and creams, granulation, algae, and bacteria.

Benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology for pharmaceuticals and biochemistry:

  • Insitu measurements
  • Quality control without lost time
  • Identification of shapes and concentration
  • SIP and CIP certified
  • 21 CFR Part 11

Probe recommendations: 


high resolution
and magnification


in situ measurements
from 1.5 to 280 µm


in situ measurements
from 9 to 1,200 µm