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SOPAT part of Top 50 Startups 2015

Top Start-up 2015

February 1st, 2016

SOPAT is part of top 50 startups in 2015, as of survey “Gründerwettbewerbe in Deutschland”.

More information (German) can be found in the business plan competition study of 2016.

ProcessNet Annual Meeting for Particle Measurement Technologies

SOPAT is specialist for In-Situ Particle Characterization and a part of annual ProcessNet meeting

January 27th, 2016

ProcessNet’s annual meeting for professional groups in extraction, particle measurement technologies and comminution will take place in Weimar, March 14th – 15th.

10th European Conference of Chemical Engineering

SOPAT is a part of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering

September 27th – October 1st, 2015, Nice, France

Following ECCE8 in Berlin (Germany, 2011) and ECCE9 in The Hague (The Netherlands, 2013), ECCE10 will continue its tradition of scientific excellence, consisting of international attendance and successful professional exchanges. The organization of this event is based on the model of the AIChE meetings and all EFCE working parties and sections have been involved in order to propose an attractive program through symposia, workshops, sessions and exhibitions.

SOPAT is a part of the annual conference for chemical engineering in Europe

Reindustrialization is the economic, social, environmental and political process of organizing national resources for the purpose of revitalizing industry. Therefore, it is often achieved through the development of new and innovative activities. In order to succeed in future challenges, we will need to consider sustainable economic growth in three key fields: environment preservation and remediation, energy saving and human health protection, involving adapted education to new industrial challenges. The next ECCE edition aims at participating in this large economical project, which concerns all European countries. It will welcome the 5th European Process Intensification Conference and also the 15ème Congrès de la Société Française de Génie des Procédés. Through four key scientific topics and a global theme, scientists and industrialists will present their steps towards a new sustainable process industry.

For attendees interested in learning more about SOPAT, we would be more than excited to meet you. Please get in contact with Dr. Sebastian Maaß (+49 30 314 78609, for more information.

IKT Founder of the Year 201

European Symposium on Chem Reaction Eng.

SOPAT is a part of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering

27th – 30th October 2015, Fuerstenfeldbruck, Germany

Fifty-six years ago the first European Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering (ESCRE) was held in Amsterdam. After four symposia this conference series turned into the international symposium ISCRE, from early 70s on biannually, alternating between Europe and America. Since our Asian friends have joined this symposium series a decade ago, every six year Europe will be hosting an ISCRE event, the next one in 2018. So we decided to start a renewal of ESCRE in 2015 in Germany. The Annual Meeting of the ProcessNet Subject Division Reaction Engineering will be held during this event.

Germany is an ideal choice for this meeting due to its diversified and very strong community in CRE. The interaction between academia and industry is traditionally strong. The theme of the conference, “CRE providing tomorrow’s solutions” emphasizes the necessity of CRE to meet the future challenges, particularly in energy sciences and technology.

The conference is planned to be held at the Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld in Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich. This excellent convention venue is integrated in a former monastery and provides a special atmosphere with this outstanding baroque location, allowing for casual private and informal network gatherings to take place throughout the venue. The conference center is well connected to the inner city, allowing to enjoy the charm of the Bavarian capital. The social programme includes poster party, Bavarian Evening and other social events. It will allow to experience Bavarian culture and hospitality in a most personal way.

For attendees interested in learning more about SOPAT, we would be more than excited to meet you. Please get in contact with Dr. Sebastian Maaß (+49 30 314 78609, for more information.

SOPAT awarded as an “Ausgezeichneter Ort 2015”

In-Situ Particle Characterization

“Germany – Land of Ideas” initiative

It seems to be a futuristic vision: photo-optical measuring systems that are able to photograph and analyze smallest particles in real time, straight from production processes. For the development of these innovative measuring systems, the Berlin-based start-up SOPAT is awarded as an “Ausgezeichneter Ort 2015”. The technology yields crucial information to its industrial users to identify and remedy defects in their production, resulting in more resource-efficient and safer processes.

Sopat wins the innovation prize 2015 on the ACHEMA

On June 17th, Patrick Gruber, director of Deutsche Bank’s branch in Frankfurt am Main, explained the selection committee’s decision in the context of the ACHEMA 2015.

“SOPAT is an exceptional example for Germany’s innovational strength, showing how conventional production processes can be optimized by the use of digital technologies. This optimization is beneficial for producers, the environment and humans.”

Picture: Patrick Gruber, Juergen Rojahn, Dr. Sebastian Maass, Joern Emmerich, Juliane von Trotha

Press release “Land of Ideas”

Profitable buyout of the HTGF

August 2014

The High-Tech Gründerfond (HTGF) has sold its shares in Sopat GmbH as a profitable buyout. The company founded in 2012 by Sebastian Maaß, Jürgen Rojahn and Jörn Emmerich offers the first fully automated, accurate, in-situ real time analysis of particles in chemical processes. Since its foundation in Berlin Sopat has acquired strong revenue growth and well-known industrial customers.

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