Excellent Service, the Key to Success!​

Guidance, Training, Assistance, and Support, just as you like

We are convinced you are not only looking for a convincing product and service, but also want easy and quick implementation into your production process, individual guidance, and help, as well as assistance in times of need. SOPAT differentiates itself with its individualized customer service. Profit from the expertise and personal care of your SOPAT customer service representative. We can help you to maximize the potential of the SOPAT technology.

As a reliable partner, we can advise you about our product portfolio based on the requirements and needs of your production process. To convince you of the benefits of SOPAT particle measurement technology without risk, we offer various possibilities to test the SOPAT particle measurement technology.

Define your problem and your process/application with the help of our checklist.

Get to know the SOPAT System:
a) With the help of live measurements at your site.
b) Through the shipment of samples that will be tested in depth at our laboratory.

Profit from all the different ways to test the SOPAT system:
a) Measurement as a Service
b) Renting
c) Try and Buy
d) Direct Purchase.

Monitor your process thanks to an optimal SOPAT measurement system tailored to your needs.

Take advantage of our knowledge: we support you during the installation of our system and also offer comprehensive support during system operation. Multiple training courses are offered each year and are included in the service package

Overview of your Service Options: