High Performance Software - the Key Difference

In addition to accurate measurement tools, highly developed software is also necessary to correctly collect data and comprehensively prepare it. The SOPAT software is the key ingredient of your new SOPAT particle measurement system. With the integrated ProbeControl, you have a high performance tool to generate live pictures of your production process that can be archived if desired.

The unique architecture of the picture analysis algorithm allows a flexible and automated evaluation of the gathered pictures. A connection to your Process Control system with the SOPAT monitor is ideal. With workflow cutomizationit automates all necessary steps from collection of pictures to the representation of the results of the analysis.

The innovative SOPAT Software comprises of the following modules:

  • Image capture
  • Particle analysis
  • Result representation

The included SOPAT Software handbook explains the individual operation instructions. From basic information about the software to personalized user interfaces and result analysis and administration in the result analyzer, you are supported step by step in the use of SOPAT software.

The SOPAT software continues to be dynamically developed, in order to more efficiently arrange your process control. With the new Premium Support you always receive the newest version of the software and benefit as the first to receive updates of the cutting edge software versions.

Perks of the SOPAT Software:

  • Generation of live feeds
  • Automated picture evaluation
  • Simultaneous differentiation between multiple dispersed phases and particle types
  • Step by step operation instructions with the help of the SOPAT software Handbook
  • Efficient process monitoring and quality control
  • Automated transfer of the latest software versions (premium support)