Diverse Accessories for Better Results, Optimal Customization, and Comfort

Expand your SOPAT particle measuring system to fit your needs- customized to fit the challenges of your production process and its environment

Cooling tube

With the cooling tube extension for the SOPAT VI probes, the temperature range can be extended from 100 °C to 450 °C. With the help of the additional rinsing function, deposits such as air, water, or other fluids on the probe window can easily be removed. This extension of the SOPAT probes is possible under pressures of up to 4 bar and is compatible with the SOPAT probes Ma, Pl, Sc, Pa.


With the help of the tripod, it’s not complicated to deploy SOPAT probes in a variety of applications. The special guidance of the cable holder can be height adjusted, and the angle can be changed with the stand as well. The tripod is characterized by its stability and robust construction.

Transmission Lighting

The probes Ma, Pl, and Sc can be extended with a U-Light function from illumination probes to transmission probes with reflection and transmission capabilities. Thus it is possible to change the illumination type and obtain higher flexibility in achieving the best picture quality.

Reflection Module

Thanks to the high quality reflection module, changes in illumination are easy. Under challenging process conditions it is possible to achieve optimal picture quality when measuring particles with the customization of the illumination for the transfection. The reflection module’s measuring gap is adjustable for a variety of distances, with or without diffuse transfection. The Reflection module is available in the materials 1.4571 steel or C22 Hastelloy.

Process Connectors

For the optimal connection between the SOPAT probe and your production process, SOPAT offers tailor made connectors. The choice of the material is dependent on the application. Examples include:

  • Tri-clamp
  • DN-Flange
  • Varivent
  • Ingold
  • Bola
  • Spectite
  • Conax

Micro-flow cell

The micro-flow cell (MFC) allows the integration of SOPAT probes into a continuous process or bypass. Equipped with standard flanges, the MFC can be flexibly implemented and combined with the SOPAT MM probes and the VI probes (with or without U-Light). For viscous mediums or continuous flow applications, the MFC is a fitting solution.

Calibration Standards

In order to enable independent control of the SOPAT particle measurement system functions, SOPAT offers calibration standards that are ISO compliant. These modifications are possible in a variety of sizes and the nominal diameter enables a quick examination of whether the SOAP probe (including picture recognition) is up to the specifications, quickly and independently.